Sunday, March 26, 2006

who says you can't always go home?

my mother sure as hell doesn't.

Amy moved back home this weekend... into my bedroom...and my closet...and my personal space. it's only for six weeks until her and bernard move into their apartment. it just sucks though, big time suckage.

I told her Friday night that it should be interesting since we've never actually co-habitated in the same room while on speaking terms. growing up we just about hated each other; there was a lot of termoil in our household for a couple years.

let's just hope i keep my sanity over the next six weeks.

Friday, March 17, 2006


as some of you may or may not know, my best friend Jessica is getting married this August. I am lucky enough to be in the wedding...maybe lucky isn't the right word? Well, today I did something that I haven't done in just about 9 years; i wore a dress. not only did i wear a dress but i got fitted for it and purchased it. the last time i wore a dress was for my brother Allen's wedding; and we all know how that marriage ended. i looked so girlie. too bad no one will ever see the pictures.not only will i wear a dress this coming August, I will also wear one in December for Allen's second wedding. Did I mention I hate dresses?

Sunday, March 12, 2006

my sundays just keep getting better and better...

today at church an older man passed out behind me. it wasn't as if he fainted, he actually lost consciousness. i heard someone talking aggressively and loud behind us and as i turned around someone was asking for 911 to be called. the man didn't look well at all; he was very pale, and his eyes were unresponsive, they were open and staring right at my mom. my mom said she was so freaked out, he looked like he was dead.

he did come to and they walked him to the back of the church where the EMT's were waiting. Fr. Joe even stepped away from the alter to come over to see if everything was okay. I don't think I have been that scared in I don't know how long. I was totally shaking for a couple minutes afterwards.

we're going shopping, later.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

why did my parents have so many kids?

most of you may or may not know that i really don't get along with my brother Chris' girlfriend, Polly. We get along on the surface, underneath it i think she's worthless and a bad cook to boot. not to mention she doesnt even live here and she thinks she runs the place, if anything i run it...

okay, the other night she made dinner and like any other time she didn't clean up. dude, when she cooks you would never know that the stove is brand new. it's so gross. and even grosser is that she doesnt clean up after. and i think we all know how i feel about dirtiness?

so, monday morning i came downstairs and everything was exactly how is was during dinner. which really makes me sick to think things sat out overnight. anyways, i cleaned everything, filled the dishwasher and did the bigger dishes. it took me all of ten minutes -tops. my mom won't say anything because 1) she's tired of having to yell at a 34 year old about his 31 year old girlfriend. 2) i think she fell asleep in her chair. so i did, in the most passive aggressive way i know; i wrote a note and attached it to the hood above the stove. well Chris nor Polly were home monday or tuesday so he finally saw it today. you know what the bastard wrote? "You got a free meal didn't you?" i came downstairs from napping and found the note but they were gone.

still being passive aggressive i replied to his absurd note; "But if I clean up after you-it's not a free meal. Free means that you do nothing in return for said dinner -cuz it's FREE. If you want me to clean up after you then start paying me. Otherwise, it's not happening. And I guess you actually get the most free dinners around here. How ironic is that?"

S is for Sick, Surgery and Sleeping (in).

If it were possible to surgically remove my tonsils, I would. What started as a little pain yesterday afternoon has now ended with me staying home from work. I woke up around 6:30 with the same headache I had when I went to sleep. My throat is itchy, my nose is stuffed and then sucks.

i'm watching something on the blackholes of the universe. i honestly think you have to be uber smart to understand anything they're saying. it just doesnt make sense to a simple person like myself.

Monday, March 06, 2006

G is for Grumpy...

have you ever working with someone that never pays back the favors you've done for them? i'm pretty sure that i work with someone like that. carol was having some personal problems a while back and to help her out (and my savings account) i took most of her friday nights; it's not like i have a life.

i tried to cash in on this last saturday and she shut me down -totally. in fact, if i wouldn't have asked to switch her friday night for my saturday night i wouldnt have known that she was "going out of town" for four days. she didnt even end up going out of town and knowing that we are short a manager, and that if i didnt step up to the plate, jan would of had to work two shifts open to close -no break. yeah, turns out that it might be necessary to start looking at my schedule rather than assuming i'm working my regular three shifts. not only was she not able to work saturday for me but i had to take her friday and monday shift. yes, i like money but it didnt sit with me well -at all. and because i love rejection so much i'm trying it again for this saturday. if she doesnt switch with me, i'm totally calling her out on it.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

because thales says i never post...

today i managed not to do a thing. it was great! i did go to church this morning and then nothing.

i netflixed arrested development to see what the hub-bub was all about. my goodness, it's so funny. not a lot of laugh out loud funny, but funny nonetheless. jason bateman totally reminds me of brian on queer as folk; not brian's personality but his looks.

right now we're watching the oscars and after georgle clooney won i could really care less. mmmhhmmmm, george clooney is snausagey.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

rantings of a lunatic

i'm becoming a bitter betty. i know i always have been, but it's getting worse and it's taking over my life. it hit it's peak two days ago when i found out Costco came into Mikasa and gave us over $30 worth of free goods all because one person signed up. ONE PERSON!-that's it. I mean, where is my free stuff from when my Dad and I signed up? We didn't get anything for our $45 membership, wait we got two cards and the ability to buy 60 rolls of toilet paper for the price of 50 rolls.

Nothing made me more bitter than coming in to work tonight to find out i'm working every night from now until next thursday. not so bitter about that cuz money is good. i'm more pissed over the fact that carol was supposed to go out of town and now isn't yet still won't come in and help us. there are only three managers and i'm only part-time. if jan didn't put me on the schedule for friday, monday or wednesday she would have to work from open to close. carol knows this, yet she doesnt care. i think that's what gets to me the most; her not caring.

i could go on and on but i don't want to scare people away from my nonvisited blog...