Tuesday, April 18, 2006

say hello to my little flap...

i thought i would join the craze and try and get stitches. everyone wants to be like mace. too bad it wasn't a deep enough slice. if it wasn't on an angle it would so have needed stitches. now it's just a slightly deep slice with a god aweful flap of skin; which is really nasty.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heylow. I am Stitchy Da Fingah! I say heylow to your leetle flap!

Heylow leetle flap! I call you Flappers!


Stitchy Da Fingah!

10:50 AM

Anonymous Mike said...

You need to update Sara. Everytime I come here I see a title talking about your "flap" and I get images in my head that I just shouldn't get.

I'm talking about Labia.

8:54 PM

Blogger rzdesign said...

hello flap now post something new!

5:03 PM


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