Friday, June 02, 2006

sometimes i wonder if people think i'm retarded...or maybe just slow. just because i dont respond with the greatest of enthusiasm doesnt mean i dont understand what you're saying. it just means that A. i dont care, or B i have lost all attention about what you're yamering on and on about.

i'm still waiting to hear from Patrick. I emailed him again last night and am waiting for a reply. all this waiting is making my think i didnt get in. which will make for one angry sara.

in other news this jackass matt i work with dumped noodles down the sink at work and now it's completely clogged. after yelling at him, the next day he dumps chunky tomato soup down the drain. what the hell is up with that shit?

well, i'm off. i'm gonna go take a nice long bike ride.


Blogger rzdesign said...

thanks for the birthday posting!

Maybe Patrick is retarded and that is why he has not responded. And Matt, maybe he thinks there is a garbage disposal.

10:14 AM


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