Sunday, March 26, 2006

who says you can't always go home?

my mother sure as hell doesn't.

Amy moved back home this weekend... into my bedroom...and my closet...and my personal space. it's only for six weeks until her and bernard move into their apartment. it just sucks though, big time suckage.

I told her Friday night that it should be interesting since we've never actually co-habitated in the same room while on speaking terms. growing up we just about hated each other; there was a lot of termoil in our household for a couple years.

let's just hope i keep my sanity over the next six weeks.


Anonymous carol said...

How goes it on the 3rd week of sharing things with sister?

I never shared a room with my sister either, but found out when she lived with my husband and I for a few months a few summers ago, that we are very different indeed, and need to never ever ever do that again.

2:03 PM

Blogger rzdesign said...

who says we're tired of this old post? I DO!

11:27 AM


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