Wednesday, August 16, 2006

i suppose i should do something with this...

i've become addicted to myspace. in the last two days i have reconnected with a few people from high school. i haven't decided yet if it's a good thing or not. while in high school i was surrounded by a huge group of people and when i graduated i only kept two friends out of all the others. in the end you find who your true friends are.

that being said, it feels all weird to talk to friends i haven't seen or talked to in almost ten years. god, ten years! how could so much change in ten years? nikki is married with a little boy and expecting a girl in two months. both kelly and heather are married; no children yet. and just hearing about so many other kids is so bizarre.

if i keep up with myspace i guess i really have no reason for attending the reunion next may. not that i would anyways...


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