Monday, November 21, 2005


My Mom took this picture last week on the flight home from San Antonio.

I can't believe how cool it is. It makes me want to jump down a slide into these clouds.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

crying over spilled milk.

I have this thing about milk; if it's summer I won't drink it. I need my milk to be super cold. And summer just doesn't make cold milk. The instant you take milk out of the refrigerator it cools down at least 5*. That's the way I preceive it to be.

Starting in fall I start buying my favorite cereals again so I can take advantage of the cold milk thing. Last week I bought my all-time best cereal ever; cinnamon toast crunch. (It's so sad to think I sit here and blog about cereal.) The next cereal might have to be peanut butter captian crunch or maybe even cinnamon life.

Why must life have so many hard choices?

Saturday, November 19, 2005

just starting.

I just started my Christmas shopping. I'm trying to get one person done at a time, just so it doesn't all jump up on my checking account at the same time. It is safe to say that Matthew's gifts are purchased. I bought him Playmobile's "Blackbeard Pirate Ship" and the "Treasure Island" travel treasure box. Now I just have to get some stocking stuffers and maybe a few small gifts.

If only everyone was as easy as buying for kids.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

a little back story

When I was 13, my oldest sister, Lisa was killed in a car accident. She was only 17, almost 18. Obviously something this tragic can shape your life into ways you couldn't even imagine possible. That isn't the entire point, but this is were this story is going.

My Dad is "seeing" this lady, Mary who lives at this private airport by our house. I guess one day my Dad was telling Mary about Lisa and her accident and all the other baggage that came with it. Mary has a friend, Geanie. Mary was talking to Geanie about dating my Dad and whatnot. Mary was chit chatting with Geanie and brought up Lisa's accident and out of the blue, Geanie tells Mary that she knows about the accident very well. Turns out, Geanie's husband Walt, hit Lisa. Now this man lives in our town, I have never met him although he did come to the wake/funeral. I didn't notice, my mom however did. Geanie asked Mary and my Father over for dinner, even knowing that her husband killed my sister.

I cannot get over this at all. It's eating at me so badly. I mean, how would you feel if someone you love was taken away and your father decided to break bread with him? I asked my Dad if he was actually going to go, he said he really wasn't sure. I was telling my Mom about this conversation Dad and I had today. For some reason she knew exactly where the conversation was going and guessed about Walt.

My Mother never talks about Walt, she will talk about Lisa, but never the man who hit her. My Mom is a eucharistic minister at our church; she hands out wafers and wine. Walt goes to our church. She has to serve him communion. This man who killed her daughter, and she has to serve him the bread of life. What bullshit is that?

I cannot tell you how upset this entire thing has made me. I suppose it really gives "turn the other cheek" a new meaning. I was actually crying while talking to my Mom about this on the ride home from work. I had to journal this, I had to get all these shitty feelings out.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

mmm, mmm, good.

I just made the most fantastic soup. It's Mushroom Barley with carrots, celery and onions. My goodness how tasty it is!

I bet you all wish you were in the suburbs eating my homemade soup, watching the snow fall on this dreary November afternoon.

Friday, November 11, 2005

a letter to the masses,

Dear masses who happen upon this crappy blog,

This week needs to end, soon. Friday my Mom hit a deer coming home from work, on her way to picking up Matthew. I immediately called her insurance and got the claim processed asap.

Saturday I drive my Mother to the airport and get back to the house just in time to eat a quick lunch with Matthew, get into work atire and rush off to Mikasa by 1pm. I work all night at a job that I love, but at a mall that I hate. (It's an outside mall that does very little night time business). I get off of work and rush into the city so I can see Dianna for all of five seconds before I drop into bed from tiredness.

Sunday we wake up early, get some breakfast and chill out before we have to leave for the show. I sit in a coffee shop listening to music and reading a book that I keep telling Thales I'm almost done with. Which by the way, I am almost done with. I go see Dianna's show which is amazing, too bad the seats are shitty. Not where I was sitting, the actual seat I sat in was like sitting on a bag of concrete. After her show, I sort of rush over to Jo's improv show. What a good time that was, I LOVE YOU CHUCK! That's over and next thing I know I'm back at Dianna's grabbing all my stuff just so I can drive back home and hopefully get some sleep.

Monday my Dad actually leaves for work without me. He thought I was in the city still. Not a bad thing considering I needed to take care of my Mom's car insurance issues. I cleaned the house again because Chris's girlfriend Polly thought she'd be suzy-fuckin-homemaker while my Mom is gone and the place looked like a bomb went off. I tried to fix the washer that Chris jammed with 10 pairs of jeans, with no success. I got fed up and went to the movies. I saw Wallace and Gromit, and the Weatherman. Both were excellent. I then went to work at Mikasa. Got home went to bed.

Tuesday, worked with my Dad. Got home changed and worked at Mikasa.

Wednesday, worked with my Dad. Got home changed and worked at Mikasa.

Thursday, worked with my Dad. Got home, showered and worked at Mikasa.

Friday. I am about to leave for work with my Dad. I do not have to work tonight though. I am however going over to a good friend's house for dinner.

There, you've been waiting for an update and ya bastards got one!

Friday, November 04, 2005

i'm thowing out some scraps

so it's been a little dry around here lately. i'm looking to toss some water and maybe revive this wreck tomorrow.

i'm sure just knowing this will make you check back every half hour, too. because what i say is so important, you cannot resist.