Monday, May 22, 2006

i'm just sitting here sipping on gin and juice...

laid back.

actually, it's seagram's wild berries wine cooler. today i acted all spring-summer like and grilled some brats and now i'm drinking wine coolers. my night is complete.

my mom bought a car today. the contour finally died on the way home and she bought a blazer over the phone in like, 15 minutes. it was awesome. looks like i'll be cruising around in a suv type vehicle. now it'll be easier to move my shit back to the city until i'm officially in the city.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

to my adoring fans...

i am so bad at posting. i could come up with a gajillion excuses but i have only one -laziness.

that girl kate, from lost is so butch. is she really dating a man?

my loverly dianna bought me a kitchen aid 5qt stand mixer. i love it! it's so red and pretty. did i mention that i love it? I DO!

what else is going on...

i have to go bridesmaid dress shopping on sunday with melissa, my soon to be sister-in-law. the wedding isnt until december but she SUPER ORGANIZED AND WANTS EVERYTHING NOW! it's just crazy. she is totally prepared for the wedding, i'm pretty sure the invitations are ready to be mailed. i suppose that means i need to plan a bridal shower, knowing her she already has three different dates picked out.

ok, so working with my dad is winding down. he really doesnt have anything planned. which makes it a perfect time to move back to the city but i'm "contracted" to work at mikasa until the end of august. which i really don't want to.