Tuesday, April 18, 2006

say hello to my little flap...

i thought i would join the craze and try and get stitches. everyone wants to be like mace. too bad it wasn't a deep enough slice. if it wasn't on an angle it would so have needed stitches. now it's just a slightly deep slice with a god aweful flap of skin; which is really nasty.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

ho hum...

has anyone ever seen the eHarmony commercail with that couple that talks about how they only lived like 10 miles apart and never met and all that crap? the point is that i think it's so funny cuz the woman is constantly talking over the man about their relationship. will it last? eHarmony thinks so.


nothing has really been going on. i brought home a treadmill the other day and i've actually used it. i was running on it; which is scary when you're not holding the rails.

living with my sister isn't so bad unless she needs to go to work super early and there's clothes on hangers that need to be hung in the closet. if you've met amy you know she doesn't do anything quiet. this morning i was awoken to clacking plastic hangers and a paper old navy bag being folded up and put away. sometimes i hate her and then she does all my laundry for me and changes my bed and I LOVE HER!

i'm so fickle.